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Round Multitouch Table - 105cm diameter x 85cm height

Product name : Multitouch Round Table (多點觸控圓桌) - Projection image : 103cm diameter / Table dimension : 115cm diameter x 87cm height
(** We also offer custom-built Multi-touch Round Table, projection image dimension from diameter 65cm to 105cm **)

Category : Multitouch Table

Highlight : -
- Round shape table provides better common-interface usage experience than rectangular multitouch table
- The biggest round single projector multitouch table (Projection image : 103cm diameter / Table dimension : 115cm diameter x 87cm height)
- Single projector, rear projection, smooth and continue projection image
- Zero force multitouch,
- Waterproof tempered glass surface flat table

Click here to view more videos :

Multi-touch Round Table - 1080i movie test Multitouch Round Table - Interactive 3D Globe Projection
MTRT Interactive 3D Globe - Jupiter
MTRT Interactive 3D Globe - Mars
MTRT Interactive 3D Globe - Venus MTRT Interactive 3D Globe - Saturn

Location : FEHD Education Centre TST
Round Interactive Projection Table

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